What am I agreeing to do as an Artist on the Hear Not There Platform?
  • Putting on a great show.
  • Having the equipment to put on the livestream.
  • Checking your connections and levels so the sound comes through clearly.
  • Starting on time (or as close to it as possible).
How do I tell my fans about it?
  • Create a show in the app.
  • Press the share icon at the top right of the screen.
  • Post the link to your email and social media.
What do I need to set up a livestream?
  • An Artist account with Hear Not There. If you don't have one, signup at
  • A phone or tablet with the Hear Not There app installed on either iOS or Android.
  • Internet connection. Fortunately Hear Not There can deliver high quality streams even if you're using a 3G hotspot. Many venues will give artists access to a private wifi if you ask for it.
  • Pre-amp. We recommend using a pre-amp so your broadcasts will be loud and clear. A Zoom H4nPro (or similar device) will do a great job, you'll also be able to record a copy of your performance just in case there was a problem with your internet connection. If you're not in a rush, we can put you directly in touch with a rep at Zoom so you can save 35% off their products. Just email and ask us to hook you up.
  • Cables! You'll need 3 (or 4).
    • XLR or 1/4" to go from the soundboard to the Zoom/preamp inputs.
    • Aux cable (1/8"-1/8" standard cable) to go from the Zoom headphone jack to the ...
    • In-line audio cable. This is the only brand that seems to work. You can get it on Amazon in two days. If you're in less of a rush, ask and we'll send you one for free. The male end goes into your phone audio jack.
    • (optional) Audio input adapter/dongle if your phone doesn't have an audio jack.
  • Check your levels (or have your sound engineer do it)
  • Start streaming! Your fans who have paid for the performance will receive an email as soon as you start. They can listen from any browser without having to download an app. They can also keep your stream open in the background as they use their phone for other things.
Here's a video of the cable setup:

Here's a detailed pdf of the setup in case you prefer that format.
What happens after a livestream?
  • The show gets automatically archived in your personal account so you can listen to it a few moments after stopping the stream.
  • If you enabled re-airing, then the concert file will start looping so fans can listen for the number of days you selected in the performance setup.
  • Fans can buy access for as long as you make the performance available.
How much do I get paid?
  • Please note that each 1.00 credit is equivalent to $1.00 US.
  • You can choose to charge any amount on Hear Not There (including free). We recommend between $4-$9. Fans have the option of donating to your free and paid performances.
  • You earn 90% of the ticket price. We pass along the other 10% to music licensing agencies (PROs like SESAC, BMI, ASCAP).
How do I get paid?
Complete your payment verification profile so we can verify your account and send payment through PayPal or mail you a check (US addresses only for now).
What is a Hidden Show?

These are shows that only your VIPS can see. That could be your friends, family, managers, agents, AND/OR patreon, kickstarter, indiegogo, gofundme supporters.They get to hear all of your non-Hidden shows for free, even if there's a price listed to the general public.

For now, the process to add VIPs is manually done in our backend. We let you have 5 VIPs for free. Please send their email addresses to us at and we'll create an account for them and add them to your list.
What if I need to reschedule or cancel a show?
  • Please don't. Your fans are excited to hear you!
  • If you have to, please do it as far ahead of time as possible.
  • You can reschedule or cancel a show at any time via the Show detail page. You'll be asked to confirm. Your fans will be sent a notification, and have the options of signing up for the rescheduled date, or get all their credits put back into their account, but we can't refund their money.
  • If you cancel a lot of shows (it's up to our discretion what "a lot" means), then we may suspend or deactivate your account.
Aren't fans going to record my show?
They're not allowed to make copies. If we find out someone did, they'll be permanently banned from the platform. That being said, fans are already making low quality recording of shows from your live performances and posting them onto places like YouTube and Facebook. Most people would prefer to pay to access high quality options, especially if it supports the artist. Wouldn't you rather provide them with that option?

Please note that all the above information is subject to change without notice.
Set your own prices
Pick which performances to stream
Control how long performances remain available
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